Thursday , June 24 2021

Volunteers and German Tourist Saves Dogs from Slaughter

Recently our volunteers Michael and his girl friend Silvana and tourist from Germany  went to Pasar Tomohon.

They noticed  some dogs in cages on a car.  These dogs are kept in cramped cages for hours before they are eventually hung by a rope and flame roasted whole at a meat market in Indonesia.

Mother dog just gave birth, and the puppies were just laying there in the car. Teribble so sad how can they sell a dog who just gave birth to puppies for consumption?

Our volunteers called us and asked for help and if they can bring those puppies to shelter.
After the puppies arrived safely at the shelter, the tourist asked if they can buy their mom too and give her to AFMI. Our team went back to the market and picked up the dog. Mother is reunited with her puppies again.

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